42% of UK Men Put Internet and Sex Before Food and Shelter

The internet has changed the way we live in a very short period of time. So much so, that the idea of not having internet can be unsettling for some. But just how important is internet access? According to men in the UK, it's second only to sex. According to a survey carried out by TP-LINK, a UK company that provides small office/home office and SMB networking products, many men valued sex and internet access over warm shelter and food.

According to the survey, which was conducted in the UK and Ireland between February and March with a sample size of 3000 people (males and females 18-55+ years of age), 42 percent of men rank sex and internet access higher priorities than food and shelter.

"As our recent research shows, in the current increasingly digital world, quick and easy connectivity is one of the main concerns in people’s minds in the UK," said Eric Wang, Country Manager at TP-LINK UK. "As the global leading supplier of WLAN devices, our goal is not only to provide high quality devices, but develop products that enable fast and reliable Internet connections at home and in the office, fulfilling the need for efficient connectivity impacting all aspects of our lives."

Interestingly, while 51 percent say the web has improved their friendships and a quarter contribute a heightened sense of belonging to the web, only 7 percent credit the internet with improving their love lives.

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  • Summary:
    TP-LINK, a company relies on selling network equipment and service said some ppl put internet before food and shelter.
  • Study: 42% of men in the UK have never had to fend for themselves in the wild.
  • Lack of internet can drive one nutz for a while until one gets back to normal routines of doing other things that is not web based.