LaCie Crams 1TB Into Durable Aluminum Shell

Thursday LaCie revealed the Rikki Go, a portable hard drive packing 1TB of storage and an embedded USB cable. The new portable drive also uses a sturdy, aluminum chassis, giving it a "resilient form factor that protects your media from everyday blunders."

"We are thrilled to introduce 1TB capacity in this ultra-small, durable form factor," said Quitterie Lescarret, Consumer Product Manager, LaCie. "Today's on-the-go consumers need to access vital media quickly and dependably. With its industry-leading capacity, Rikiki Go provides users with the ultimate data storage and mobility, at a competitive price."

The hardware specs are minimal at best: the device measures just 2.9 x 4.3 x .5 inches and comes in both 500GB and 1TB capacities. The Rikki Go also provides users with 10GB of secure online storage (provided by Wuala), a two-year warranty, and a simplified software suite for "quick setup and easy-to-use backup management." Transfer rates are up to 480 Mbits/s thanks to the slower (and cheaper) USB 2.0 interface.

The Rikki Go drives are priced at $89.99 (500GB) and $149.99 (1TB), and can be purchased through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie corner, and resellers.

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  • the_krasno
    Very nice! Big storage, small size, resistant to "everyday blunders". If I had a netbook I'd so buy this for it!
  • techseven
    A notebook drive in aluminum chassis??? - Does that deserve a news report? Looks like an ad for Lacie...
  • aevm
    It's actually spelled Rikiki. And if it's still limited to USB 2.0 speeds it's not worth buying.