Unannounced Intel Core CPUs Show Up in HP Envy

Intel just last week confirmed its Core i3 and i5 ULV chips but so far, there's been nothing said about some supposedly new chips that are debuting in the HP Envy. Engadget reports that the folks over at HPfansite.com have uncovered references to three new standard-voltage Core 2010 chips in the service manuals for the Envy 15 and 17.

As you can see from the screen capture above, the i7 840QM appears to be Intel's new high-end quad core, boasting a clock speed of 1.86GHz clock that boosts to 3.20GHz and 8MB of L3 cache. Next is the i7 740QM with clock speeds of 1.73GHz, turbo boosting to 2.93 GHz and a 6MB L3 cache. Lastly we've got the i5 450M which looks identical to the current i5-520M with 2.4GHz / 2.93 GHz and 3MB of L3.

While Intel has yet to comment on this little piece of news, the Envy 17 is set for a May 26 retail launch so it could only be a matter of weeks before we find out. Then again, the mention of the 15 could mean these will be saved for revised models. Stay tuned, we'll let you know when we find out more!

*Image via Engadget

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  • 1.86 bosting to 3.2?

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  • since when is there an HPfansite.com seriously...ever since they stopped making calculators their computers went downhill.
  • Had to go look and see what the HP Envy was.
  • 1.86 bosting to 3.2?