Lenovo Opens its First Manufacturing Line in the USA

Lenovo announced it has launched its first U.S.-based personal computer production facility in Whitsett, N.C. Awesome.

For those who live in the Tar Heel state, the new plant located in Whitsett, which has a population of about 598 people, nestles between Greensboro and Burlington, and is around 52 miles west from the company's main U.S.-based headquarters in Morrisville/Raleigh. The new factory has added 115 new jobs for local workers, and is fully expected to ramp up its PC production by the end of June.

"Lenovo’s bold move to develop the long-term strength of the American PC market defies the decades-old trend of US electronics firms relying on overseas facilities for manufacturing and other outsourced functions," the company said. "The 240,000-square-foot Whitsett facility, located approximately 10 miles east of Greensboro, serves four critical business functions: Logistics Center, Customer Solutions Center, National Returns Center, and now U.S. Manufacturing Production."

Lenovo's new U.S.-based PC manufacturing line actually began operations in January 2013. It's capable of producing the ThinkCentre M92p Tiny desktop, ThinkPad Tablet 2, ThinkPad Helix convertible ultrabook and more. The company says the new PC manufacturing plant arms it to deliver products with even greater efficiency and reliability. We're just glad to see the company bring jobs to the States rather than send manufacturing overseas.

"Currently, Lenovo’s operations are estimated to positively increase state output by more than $1 billion, as reported by the recent economic contribution analysis from the North Carolina Department of Commerce," Lenovo said. "Lenovo plans to continue its focus on driving product innovation, investing in the U.S. market and supporting business growth in North Carolina now and in the future."

As part of the grand opening, Lenovo donated and presented thirty-six ThinkCentre Desktops made in Whitsett to the Greensboro YMCA to be used for youth development and education programs. 

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  • house70
    Wow. They're fresh in the US and already manufacturing here more products than Apple.
  • Parsian
    it is funny how US products went from "Designed and Made in USA" to "Designed in USA and Assembled in China" to "Made in China" to "Designed in China and Assembled in USA"....
  • Avus
    115 Americans welcome their Chinese overlord...