Roccat Demos Power-Grid Smartphone Apps for PC Gaming

Earlier in March, Roccat gave us all a sneak peak of its upcoming Power-Grid smartphone application. Working independently or together with the company's peripherals, the iOS/Android application offers users a variety of touchscreen widgets and controls for ultimate gaming assistance. This week, the company made its way over to Gamescom to demo the product's progress.On Thursday, Engadget was lucky enough to get their hands on the company's nearly-finished application. While the Android version wasn't as refined, the team was able to test out four of the Power-Grid PC control widgets and three of the app's game-specific screens. New from the company's preview in March was an entire screen dedicated to controlling the customized lighting on Roccat's mouse and keyboard.

With game-specific widgets for popular titles such as Starcraft II, Counter-Strike and League of Legends, Razer's newly released Deathstalker Ultimate with switchblade user interface may have some serious competition. Roccat's Power-Grid won't be released until December, but until then you can stare at some juicy photos and video from Engadget's hands-on.

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  • PrvtChurch
    God damn I want this!
  • g00fysmiley
    shut up and take my money!

    if this is priced right i'll take 2 one for me one for the wife
  • internetlad
    This looks so stupid. What nobody realizes is that you can't use this solely by touch. What good is a grid of icons if you don't know what icon you're pushing?

    Lack of tactile feedback is killing this generation's gizmos. Used to be you would turn up the stereo in your car 3 clicks, didn't have to take your eyes off the road. Saw a commercial for a lexus (think it was) that was touting the catchprhase "Your devices have evolved, why not your car"

    No, because that's stupid. Instead of turning a knob and feeling click, click, click, you have to take your eyes off the road, look at the touchscreen, probably turn off the map or whatever else you have running, find the stereo settings and move the slider/levels/volume while staring at the screen.

    That does not make sense. They're trying to fix something that was never broken.