Samsung Confirms Galaxy S4 Will Skip MWC 2013

After confirming the existence of the Galaxy 8.0 tablet, Samsung boss JK Shin confirmed that the Galaxy S4 won't be making its debut during the Mobile World Congress next month.

Since 2012, Samsung has announced yearly Galaxy S products at its own event, which is the strategy Apple is renowned for.

With that in mind, a Korean publication believes that the South Korean technology giant's Unpacked event on March 22 will see the unveiling of the widely awaited Galaxy S3 successor.

Samsung previously confirmed that the Galaxy S4, which will seemingly sport a 4.99-inch full HD screen and an eight core processor, won't launch until May at the earliest.


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  • tarzan2001
    I'm eagerly awaiting the official reveal for the S4, but I can understand that Samsung wants to do it with as much fanfare as possible for their flagship phone. :)
  • iknowhowtofixit
    So..... pretty......
  • boulbox
    I hope they don't release it to soon. It would make people feel like they should have waited for the S4 instead of buying the S3.