SteelSeries Launches Siberia V2 Headset Heat Orange Edition

SteelSeries has launched the Siberia v2 Headset Orange Edition that features “Heat Orange illumination” that can be programmed with a variety of modes including on/off, pulsation, intensity and trigger.

The headset is otherwise functionally identical to the standard Siberia v2 headset and features the same 50 mm drivers, pull-out active noise-cancelling microphone, inline controls, and is powered by the SteelSeries engine which includes a suite of customizable equalizers and profiles.

"Our Siberia v2 is one of the top-rated, most used and recognized headsets in the video game peripherals market," said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO. "We believe in products that provide users with the best in-class technology with features intelligently designed for both form and function. Features like our noise-cancelling microphone and its ability to retract into the earcup when not in use, to the illumination and customization via our SteelSeries Engine software."

The Siberia v2 Heat Orange Edition is currently on sale for $119.99 from the SteelSeries web store.

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  • foody
    You don't say?
  • gmkos
    The average price for a Siberia V2 is 90 USD....

    ...So we're expected to pay 30 extra dollars for LEDs?

    Seems legit... :lol:
  • __-_-_-__
    is it made from gold?