Skyrim DLC Hearthfire Out Now on Xbox Live

Though it was just announced last week, Skyrim's second DLC, Hearthfire has already landed on Xbox Live.

Hearthfire is a relatively small add-on in comparison to Dawnguard, Skyrim's first DLC that added extra story content to the game. Skyrim's second DLC isn't quite as ambitious. Instead, the add-on is meant to improve the Skyrim homemaking experience. Rather than being forced to stay in an already-built home, Hearthfire now allows players to buy land, build their own homes, and even adopt children to make the game's verisimilitude of domestic life more realistic.

Like Dawnguard, Hearthfire has been made available for Xbox 360 first for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). Presumably, a PC release will be coming in the following weeks. However, PlayStation 3 players will be once again forced to sit out. The original technical issues that prevented Dawnguard from making it onto PS3 plague Hearthfire as well, so it'll be a long while before any Skyrim DLC, if ever, make it onto PS3.


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  • devotiecon
    lol at ps3 owners
  • dingo07
    I'm actually excited about this DLC (for PC of course)- I can't wait to be able to build my own house, just so that I can house all the dope gear and weapons I accumulated - and I'm only 193 hours into Skyrim to begin with. I just hope the Weapon Room, or whatever its gonna be called, is Huge.
  • Anonymous
    I wish I could move my PS3 save over to my PC. Unfortunately at the time when I bought Skyrim I didn't have a PC