Speakers in Glass Houses for $1,000

Is it a work of art, or just plain ugly? As with any painting, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some who behold Harman/Kardon's new GLA-55 two-piece speaker system, they may wonder what's the point; others may willingly shell out the $999.99 for the set of speakers made out of... glass? That's an assumption anyway, given the press images and the play on the word "glass."

PCLaunches originally pointed the way to the product, and seems to really like the sound produced by the speaker system. "From the facets of the bass reflex enclosure and custom copper tubing, to the powerful bass of its Atlas woofers and crystal-clear highs of the CMMD tweeters, the GLA-55 is an expert in both beauty and sound," the site reads, yanking from the official product description.

According to the actual specs however, the driver technology used by the speakers is Atlas AL, and has a frequency response (-10dB) of 35 Hz - 20 kHz. Additional tech specs report of an input impendence of >5k Ohms and an input sensitivity of 250 mV for rated power. As for power consumption, each speaker sucks in 56 Watts at 1-percent THD.

Naturally, the GLA-55 two-piece speaker system is for those with a little money to blow. Consumers can sink their funds into a shiny set that can be used not only for the PC, but for the iPod or any other audio device with a 3.5 mm (1/8-inch) output.

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  • ryall
    Speakers in glass houses shouldn't play the Stones ;p
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  • wildwell
    Glass doesn't seem like it would sound good as a speaker enclosure? Then again, it doesn't really matter since I'm not gonna waste $1k on those little things.
  • AMW1011
    Glass enclosures aren't new, they just aren't common. A glass enclosure is supposed to give a slightly boomy bass while retaining definition and clarity. The trade off? Very suppressed mids. At least that is the general quality, these may be made from any sort of clear material and the shape may have a large impact on the performance. I'd give them a listen before righting them off. Oh and is it me or does the writer seem to think that $999 MSRP for a pair of new and just released speakers is only for the enthusiast? Blowing $1000 on good speakers is extremely easy for those so inclined, its the ones with thousands in their other equipment, not counting speakers, that are verging on the ridiculous.
  • AMW1011
    I would like to add that I in no way own or plan to own any $1000 speakers, but that's just my budget as a minimum wage teenage worker.