Starbucks UK Now Takes Contactless Payments

Starbucks UK this week joined the contactless payment revolution thanks to a partnership with Visa. The credit card company has announced that 550 Starbucks locations around the United Kingdom now support contactless payments from Visa debit and credit cards. 

While tap-to-pay may not be the most popular form of payments just yet, Starbucks says that cash payments only account for one in three transactions at its stores these days. So really, it's going to make existing debit and credit card transactions go that little bit faster.

"We are now able to provide our customers with the quickest and most convenient ways to pay, to speed up service and cut queue times," said Ian Cranna, VP of Marketing for Starbucks UK. "The roll out of contactless follows other payment innovations that we have implemented across our stores, including developing a bespoke mobile payment app."

Visa currently has more than 27 million contactless cards in circulation in the United Kingdom with over 250,000 terminals at retailers around the country. Participating trains include Marks & Spencer, Co-Op, Post Office, Boots, and McDonalds.

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  • Rushad
    Could someone shed some light on what are contract less payments ?
  • waxdart
    Rushad, If you misread it I can see how you'd be lost. contact not contract.

    You just hold your debit card (soon some phones) over a reader and it takes your money. You don't have to enter a pin. It only does small amounts. Saves no time as I can type 4 numbers really fast.
  • soldier44
    As expensive as it cost to live in the UK and the taxes they take out on you working there I bet its $10+ for a large coffee there.This tech sounds like NFC here which hasn't taken off just yet in most places but is included in most smartphones.