Analyst: T-Mobile Could Finally Offer the iPhone Next Year

U.S. carrier T-Mobile may finally sign a deal with Apple to offer the iPhone to its 33.2 million subscribers, according to an analyst.

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Nick Delfas, T-Mobile could "announce official iPhone distribution in early 2013". While he didn't divulge further details, the deal would seemingly see another one to two million consumers purchasing the iPhone 5 during next year's first quarter.

T-Mobile is, of course, the only firm left out of the four major U.S. carriers without the ability to offer its subscribers the iPhone. It initially hinted at the possibility of selling the device back in May when it confirmed plans of investing $4 billion to expand its 4G LTE network.

Delfas suggests that even though T-Mobile not selling the iPhone won't have a considerable impact on iPhone shipments in next year's first quarter, a potential relationship between the carrier and Apple could lead to "another possible catalyst" towards increased sales of the device.

T-Mobile recently confirmed it would be merging with MetroPCS, who has itself been growing its LTE network.


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  • RabidFace
    Good for them. But you can't tell me people haven't been using unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile since the first iPhone.
  • freggo
    Been with T-Mobile for years and am rather happy with the service; even without an iPhone.
    My Samsung Flip phone serves me fine and if I upgrade to a smart phone some day it will be Samsung again.
    Apple's products are not all bad, but it is the corporate attitude that blows; and I do not support that.
  • eternalkp
    tmobile is the worst service ever.
    my house has 4 bars, when i travel 30min out of my area. no signal at all