Thermaltake Debuts Water 3.0 Closed-Loop Water Coolers

The closed loop water cooling market is a bit diluted to say the least, but there is now a new contender. Thermaltake, who already has some experience making closed loop water cooling kits, has released its new version of its Water-series coolers. The previous Water 2.0 models were already welcomed with warm hands into the market, and now Thermaltake has released its new revision, the Water 3.0. The Water 3.0 water cooling kits will come in three versions: the Water 3.0 Extreme, the Water 3.0 PRO, and the Water 3.0 Performer.

The Water 3.0 Performer is the entry level water cooler. It has a simple thin 120 mm radiator and two fans. Due to this, it should fit in almost any enclosure.

The Water 3.0 PRO has a 120 mm radiator, but one that is much thicker at 49 mm. It is almost twice as thick as the Water 3.0 Performer. The purpose of it is to have good performance. It ships with two fans out of the box.

The Water 3.0 Extreme packs a 240 mm radiator, which comes with two fans, although four fans can be equipped. It is targeted at users who want the best performance and have a roomy enclosure.

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  • Ninjamonkeh
    I'm confused, never had a water cooler but isnt the whole point to water is not to have all the fan noise? Perhaps im wrong and its only if you want to overclock.
  • funguseater
    Ninja, the other purpose is to remove the heat from your enclosure, instead of blowing it around inside the case.
    Have Fun
  • thundervore
    So Thermaltake finally paid Asetek enough money to rebrand their product?
    What is the point of going for this now, unless they redesigned the CPU block to get cooler temperatures its no better than the rest of Asetek AIO coolers that everyone else rebrands.
    Performer = Corsair H60 refresh = Zalman LQ 310.
    Pro = Antec 920 = Zalman LQ320
    Extreme = H100.
    All made by Asetek then rebranded. When will these companies learn that unless you make a 49mm thick 240 rad to be different, everyone is just going to choose their favourite brand and buy it. Corsair is usually first to the market then everyone else follows.
    In 3 months there will be article about Antec new 2013 water coolers which will be the same rebranded Asetek stuff!