Sony Copies Microsoft, Offers Free PlayStation for Students

Recently we reported that Microsoft was offering a free 4 GB Xbox 360 to students who purchase a qualifying Windows 7-based desktop or laptop. The offer began Sunday, May 20 and will be available while supplies last at Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics,,, Microsoft Stores and

Now Sony is offering a similar deal for students with its own set of perks and limitations. The perk consists of four free ptions rather than just one: a 160 GB PlayStation 3, a Wi-Fi only PlayStaton Vita, $200 off the customer's choice of PlayStation gear, or 8-percent total savings on select VAIO PCs. The latter option is ideal if the student only needs a PC.

The limitation is that Sony's offer is restricted to twenty-two VAIO desktops and laptops. These range from the 13.3-inch VAIO T Series custom Ultrabook, the 24-inch VAIO L Series custom desktop PC/TV to the 15.5-inch VAIO S Series laptop. As indicated, some of these can be customized whereas other models are sold as-is. Prices start at around $700 for the customizable models.

To get the free consoles or gear, customer simply enter specific eCoupon codes at checkout. This likely means the promotion isn't being offered in local brick-and-mortar stores or anywhere else outside Sony's own online storefront.

For more information about the new student promotion from Sony, head here. All models ship with Windows 7, making them eligible for the Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $15 once the new OS starts shipping later this year.

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  • kcorp2003
    buying an ultrabook soon. if they offer something i like. i guess i'll pick up the psp vita with it :)
  • 11796pcs
    Would it be possible to qualify for both deals if you bought the correct laptop? That would truly be awesome.
  • Shin-san
    I remember PS3 fanboys talking about Microsoft doing this: THEY MUST BE DESPERATE