Tom's Guide: 20 of The Hottest Video Game Babes

Over the years, video games have produced countless stunning female characters. Between old Lara, new Lara, Elizabeth, and Cortana, the Tom's Guide team has got them all on its list of the 20 hottest video game babes. Be sure to check out '20 of the Hottest Video Game Babes' for the full list!


For today's slideshow, feast your eyes on some of gaming's stunning leading ladies and spellbinding sidekicks from some of the latest and greatest in video gaming!

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  • Avus
    No Catherine/Katherine from the video game Catherine??
  • Reviewman
    Is this article original content?
    I saw the same article, same list on another site earlier this week.
  • osamabinrobot
    come on, can we grow up and stop posting puerile garbage like this?