AMD Radeon Pro Duo Dual Fiji GPU Now Available, Built For VR

In March of this year, AMD revealed the Radeon Pro Duo, a dual Fiji GPU graphics card with 8GB of HBM memory and capable of delivering up to 16 teraflops of compute performance. The company had said that the card would be released in Q2 2016, and today it is available for purchase. 

AMD said the Radeon Pro Duo is meant for VR content creation of all varieties, including game development, VR journalism and medical research and more. The company said the card was designed for heavy workloads that come with VR content creation and that the Radeon Pro Duo’s compute performance will help “bring tomorrow’s VR content to market in record time.”

“With the Radeon Pro Duo, it’s our objective to solve major problems developers face, by reducing latency and accelerating the VR pipeline through close collaboration with the content development community and with AMD LiquidVR technology,” said AMD in its press materials.

AMD is pushing the Radeon Pro Duo as a solution for VR content creation, but there’s nothing stopping you (except maybe the price) from using it as a top-end graphics solution for gaming. The card features two liquid-cooled Fiji GPUs, each paired with 4GB of HBM memory, and AMD said it has support for DX12. (We would love to show you performance numbers, but we haven't received a sample to test. An AMD representative told Tom's Hardware that the company has decided not to send samples to enthusiast sites for independent testing.)

The Radeon Pro Duo will sell for the not-insignificant sum of $1,499. AMD said it is available today worldwide, from select partners. Every Radeon Pro Duo graphics card comes bundled with the Liquid VR SDK to help developers and content creators to coax the most performance out of their creations.

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  • SirGCal
    Good Grief, this is not a gaming card. It is a software and development card. Meaning for use with various CAD, rendering, etc. engines. Not Gaming...
  • Embra
    Wow, does anyone read what the card's stated purpose is above?
  • Other Comments
  • turkey3_scratch
    We have the new single-most powerful graphics card ever available now. Cool!
  • hajila
    For the price it will have to outperform dual 980ti's. I doubt it will.
  • ohim
    We have the new single-most powerful gaming graphics card ever available now. Cool!

    it still has 2 chips in it .. so it will hit brick walls when coming to CF support ...