Asus Reveals Vivotab Note 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet

Asus revealed on Monday a new Windows 8.1 tablet designed with professionals and students in mind: the VivoTab Note 8.

According to Asus, the new tablet packs the latest Intel Atom Z3740 processor, slim bezels, a professional Wacom digitizer stylus and bundled Microsoft Office Home and Student software. The tablet is also lightweight, making it a great mobile productivity tool for one-handed use.

The digitizer pen sits neatly in its holder along the bottom edge of the tablet. The stylus is based on "premium" Wacom technology, and provides the best possible accuracy, speed and responsiveness. The pen also has over 1,000 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing for a very natural drawing or writing experience.

The slim list of specs provided by Asus reveal that the tablet features an 8-inch IPS display with a 1280 x 800 resolution, 2 GB of memory, 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot for 64 GB of even more storage. Asus even provides unlimited WebStorage for a year.

Powering this tablet is a 15.5 Whr battery promising up to 8 hours of life on a single charge. The specs also show a 5MP camera on the back, an HD camera on the front, and what the company deems as "serious" SonicMaster audio.  

"Developed by the team of experts in the ASUS Golden Ear team, SonicMaster audio technology uses a tailored mix of hardware and software to enhance sound quality to a level far above what you might expect from such a small device. Its rear-facing stereo speakers with large resonance chambers give rich, rounded bass, and sophisticated audio processing tools boost the frequency range to make music, movies and games sound fantastic," explains the company's press release.

The VivoTab Note 8 will be available in late Q1 2014 or early Q2 2014 for a starting price of $299 for the 32 GB model and $349 for the 64 GB model.

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  • biohazrdfear
    I love tablets, and I love how more brands are moving away from Nvidia's Tegra processor and slapping Intel in there. I hate Surface RT, and find it pointless. If you can't install exe files on the device, you're better off getting an Android or iOS device. The only downside to this tablet for me is the fact that it has an 8 inch screen. I hate 7 and 8 inch screens. You might as well get a Samsung Note. If you're getting a tablet, get a tablet. 10 inch screen is a must in my opinion. Anything less than that is a Phablet.
  • vmem
    @biohazrdfeardoes it matter what you want to call it? I own both the 10 inch and 7 inch nexus, and find myself using the 7 inch far more often simply because it fits in the backpockets of my jeans and jacket pockets. It's the most convenient thing to reach for if I wanted any light browsing/content consumption. for anything serious i'd rather use my PC or watch a movie on that nice big TV. the 10 inch sees less and less usage everyday. Personally, I see 10 inch tablets as a device for non-professionals who choose not to get an ultrabook.
  • biohazrdfear
    Its not what I want to call it. Its what it is. A Phablet. 7 and 8 inch devices are simply not large enough for me, and I would rather look at a phone screen than that. Oh, and does it matter what you see a 10 inch tablet as? Apparently not since you say it doesn't matter what I call it. Personally I'm about to sell my Toshiba Thrive and get a Surface Pro. Oh, and I do own a laptop as well. Just sayin'.