Asus Unveils Zenbook ZX500 Notebook With 4K IPS Display

Asus has announced a new notebook, the Zenbook NX500, in time for Computex, Taipei. This notebook is a new addition the the Zenbook series, though it brings a lot more to the table than routine refreshes – it brings a new level of display quality, manufacturing quality, and storage speeds.

This is a 15.6-inch laptop with a body crafted out of aluminium. Physically, this makes the laptop very solid, attractive and tough but it isn’t what sets it apart from the crowd, as there are already laptops like this on the market. What sets this laptop apart is the hardware found inside the elegant chassis. The Zenbook NX500 comes packed with up to Intel Core i7 processors, and will pack up to Nvidia GTX 850M graphics. Alongside this is an M.2 PCI-Express based SSD which runs off a grand total of four lanes – two more than most M.2 solutions. On certain configurations you might find SATA3 SSDs in a RAID0 array.

The hero feature of this laptop is really the display. The laptop carries a 4K panel with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and is built using Asus’ VisualMaster technology. This means it's an IPS display capable of covering 108 percent of the Adobe RGB colour space and a massive 146 percent of the sRGB colour space.

Pricing for the laptop remains unknown, as does availability.

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  • vmem
    While clearly marketed for graphic professionals, until Adobe gets their hi-DPI support together this thing will unfortunately be close to useless.

    This is coming from a Lenovo yoga 2 pro owner with the 3200x1800p screen that I end up downscaling half the time just to see the buttons on adobe software
  • somebodyspecial
    ROFL@4k on a 15.6in. You won't be gaming in native on this and as vmem said, print will be so small it's pointless for pros also. I don't know who keeps coming up with ideas that are basically impossible to sell to people.
  • laststop311
    i love the asus zenbook i got the dark blue one with gorilla glass lid and its been a lovely ultrabook. I want this.