Blu-ray, DVD Media Prices Could be Going Up

The price of optical media could be rising this year due to increasing price of polycarbonate, which is a key material in our DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

Prices have reportedly been on the rise, but Taiwan-based media makers have yet to adjust prices to reflect the rise in costs. Digitimes reports that if costs continue on their upward trend throughout the quarter, optical media makers will raise their prices.

In anticipation of prices rising, channel buyers have increased their orders. The building of inventory in preparation for a cost hike could temporarily insulate retail from dealing with growing prices.

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  • redux fountain
    Good thing I still have a stock of blank cd's left over from Y2K. I was going to travel the world searching the ruined libraries and abandonned government facilities and preserve all the data. Didn't really pann out that way.
  • amabhy
    First flash memory spikes in price due to SSDs, now this?????

    Screw you memory companies!!!!!
  • eklipz330
    digital is the future

    of course i have to agree with anyone who says there is some satisfaction having a physical copy in your hand...
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  • jacobdrj
    Please price them out of existence as far as I care...

    Optical media is so unreliable. Flash memory is the way to go...
  • burnley14
    Please embed a link in this article to the one earlier in the day about torrenting movies :)
  • afrobacon
    Any available info on how much of an increase we're looking at?