Domino's UK Uses RC Helicopter to Deliver Pizza

Pizza delivery isn't exactly an exciting job but Domino's UK is hoping to spice things up a bit with its latest method. Surely more fun than driving the pizza to your door, the pizza maker is delivering pizza via its new Domicopter.


The video below was recently posted to Domino's UK's YouTube channel and shows a drone carrying a Domino's pizza delivery bag presumably filled with a pizza payload. While Domino's offers little in the way of information as to why it would need to deliver pizza via drone, it's good to know such a thing is possible (even if it is only a publicity stunt). You'd also probably have to pay in advance for your pizza, as we imagine drones aren't great with credit card machines or dishing out change.


Introducing the Domino's DomiCopter!

The video follows news that a store in Lehi, Utah, USA, is live streaming pizza making via a website dubbed 'Domino's Live.' The website offers user the chance to watch their order being made thanks to five cameras placed around the kitchen, including one next to the oven.

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  • nino_z
    Pff how awesome is this?! I would love to order one like that!
  • tomc100
    Having own several rc helicopters, I'd say that this is impossible unless Dominos uses military drones that uses satellite gps navigation which means each drone would have to cost tens of millions of dollars. Most rc helicopters don't have that type of range and can't carry that much weight without being affected by even the slightest bit of wind. The only way this would work is if you lived about 100 yards away from a Domino's Pizza store.
  • dalmvern
    That is hilarious, I would have liked to see someone fishing in that canal/pond that the Domicopter was flying over...look up with a puzzled look on their face. That would be a crazy sight to see.