Fans Make Awesome Duke Nukem Movie Teaser

Duke Nukem Forever will finally be a reality thanks to Gearbox Software picking up the pieces, so be prepared for a Duke revival.

Some very ambitious and talented fans in Finland decided to shoot a short film with Duke Nukem spending some quality time inside a strip club before the alien invasion. It was all done in a day with a single Red One HD camera.

Reception of the fan film is very positive. 3DRealms' George Broussard tweeted, "This fan made Duke Nukem short film is pretty amazing. Would love to see longer one with action in it."

Check out the filmmakers' Facebook fan page for Duke here.

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  • alyoshka
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm, is it only me? or can everyone else see the movie?
  • 84supreme
    Well done! I think "fans" need to be behind more movie productions....
  • alyoshka
    Yup, I can see it now.. :)