White Water Block from EKWB for the White GTX 780 Ti HoF

Galaxy, known in some parts of the world as KFA2, from time to time likes to make graphics cards with white coolers and white PCBs. These graphics cards are then known as the Hall of Fame cards and usually feature high-end chips. Of course, when you water cool these cards, you want the water block to match the white color of the PCB; EKWB has done just that.

The new EK-FX780 GTX HOF water block, which fits on Galaxy/KFA2,s GTX 780 or GTX 780 Ti Hall of Fame cards, has a white theme to it. The base is made of nickel-plated copper, and it features a white acetal top. The water block covers all of the card's key components, including the GPU, memory and VRM circuit. Also, it features a high-flow design, meaning that it can be used in systems with weaker pumps or longer, more complex loops. A white EK-FC terminal is available to match the block as well.

The block is already available through EK's webshop, selling for $141.72.

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