EVGA Announces 1500W Classified Power Supply

The EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified power supply allows users to switch between single or multiple 12V rails, as well as access to the exclusive SuperNOVA software, which lets users make voltage and fan adjustments. Not only that, the power supply is also capable of delivering up to 1650W of power output when using Overclock Mode, but this requires 230 volts of AC power.

The EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified power supply includes the following individually sleeved cables:

  • 1x 24pin ATX
  • 2x 8pin EPS12V
  • 3x 6pin PCIe
  • 12x SATA
  • 8x Molex
  • 2x Floppy

The power supply is pending 80PLUS Gold certification and boasts up to 90 percent efficiency under regular loads. The power supply is available now with a retail price of $449.99, for more information visit the EVGA product page.


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  • cmcghee358
    3x 6 pin PCIe? That has to be a typo?
  • namecnassianer
    It's the 2x floppy connectors that make this PSU a must-have.
  • cmcghee358
    This thing has 1500W up to 1650W and only has 3x 6 pin PCIe?? wtf?
  • Other Comments
  • molo9000
    A power supply costing as much as an average PC... holy jesus!

    Isn't it much more cost effective to use two 750W PSUs?
  • idroid
    So....this is basicaly a higher wattage version of the AX1200i that has all those cool features and way more expensive because of the extra 300w.
  • cmcghee358
    3x 6 pin PCIe? That has to be a typo?