A New Market? Fujitsu Makes Laptop for 60 Year-olds

Fujitsu has announced a new laptop – the Grannote. This laptop, according to the press release, is intended for "active, mature adults, primarily around 60 years of age." This seems like a rather strange PR stunt, though we imagine that retailers won't be paying too much attention to this when selling the laptop.

What sets this laptop apart is the software that is included. The two key software pieces included are "Intellicolor" as well as "Awaseru Voice." Intellicolor is intended to adjust the image, including brightness, color balance and more to the surroundings, while Awaseru Voice adjusts volume levels of various sound frequencies in order to make up for hearing problems that might have developed with age. In addition to this, other software is included as well.

The hardware in the laptop doesn't distinguish it from the crowd. It carries an Intel Core i7-4500U (ULV dual-core) processor, 1 TB of hard drive storage, as well as 8 GB of RAM. While this won't give you any performance to brag about, it should indeed be enough for what "active, mature adults" would be doing with the laptop, whatever that might be. Anyone who needs more performance will likely know enough about computers, and won't choose a laptop based on software goodies intended for easier accessibility.

There was no word on pricing for the Fujitsu Grannote yet, though it is set to go on sale exclusively in Japan starting February 13.

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  • Avus
    So it is a product line with almost no repeat customer....
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  • velocityg4
    Clearly they have no clue about what old people want. Bigger text on screen system wide (that doesn't screw up OK buttons and windows placement), some sort of removable mouse built in, bigger text on keyboard, an actual manual, no trackpad and reinstall discs. Most importantly easy and intuitive to use or at least a consistent GUI to memorize placement and steps.
  • Avus
    So it is a product line with almost no repeat customer....
  • g-thor
    Well, I'm in their target market and this has absolutely zero appeal to me. However, I'm probably not who they had in mind with this - a 60+ gamer (of the Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Borderlands kind, not Words with Friends). If I got a laptop like this, I might lose my title as "the cool uncle".