Honda's Smartphone Airbag Video is Awesome

We've probably all dropped our phones at one point or another. Unfortunately, there's a good chance a number of those phones didn't survive their fall. Even if you have a case, it's not guaranteed to protect your phone (Nexus 4, I hardly knew you). Luckily, Honda is working on a solution to the problem. The Japanese car marker posted the video below to YouTube demonstrating a case that has a built-in airbag for your phone.


Smartphone Case N

Though it's a little difficult to understand what's going on if you don't speak Japanese, it looks like the airbags automatically deploy when they phone falls from a certain height. That said, even in its undeployed state, the airbag case looks like it would go a long way to protecting your phone. Honda hasn't commented on whether or not this case is real, but we're going to assume it's not. Still, we do love watching that slow-mo blossoming of airbag as the phone falls.

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  • icemunk
    This seems more like a joke, or an art project.
  • de5_Roy
    just... don't let the airbag go off when the phone is inside user's pocket. front pocket worse than the back pocket. especially for males. >_>
    edit: or in a bag/case full of less-than-legal substances (i.e. drop the bag with the phone in it)... or full of samples for medical testing... >_>_>
  • Repelsteeltje
    This looks like a viral attempt of a subtle Honda commercial. I think it's pretty good...