Nokia Has a Sense of Humor, Claims Its Phones Never Break

Remember your first Nokia phone? It probably had a monochrome screen and played that classic little Nokia jingle. And it had Snake! Ah... those were the days…

Nokia seems to be feeling a bit nostalgic as well. Last week it posted a tweet with the line “’My Nokia Phone broke.’ – nobody”. It’s a cute shot at many modern smartphones, without naming names; seem to shatter with the slightest impact.

Hard to say if the new Nokias are as hardy as their decade-old siblings.

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  • shikamaru31789
    It's true, those old Nokia's are practically unbreakable. My dad is still using the same one after about 10 years. He has no intention of getting a newer phone.
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  • tolham
    and the point of this "article" is.....?
  • InvalidError
    I have a dead N7190... unable to read the SIM. The same SIM works fine in my ancient N2190, slightly less ancient N3390 and my "current" phone - and it also used to work fine with the N7190 until one day where the 7190 spontaneously decided to quit detecting it.
  • dvo
    I'm on my second lumia 928 and even it doesn't function properly. gonna be on my 3rd before I know it. the first one was separating itself at one of the seams and made a horrid noise when the phone vibrated. then out of nowhere it stopped connecting to any network. tried various sims. Verizon had to replace it. my current 928 (which doesn't have nick or scratch on it, it looks like it just came out of the box) is beginning to separate again, and from time to time the touchscreen goes completely unresponsive and requires a force reboot.