PowerColor Rolls Out Passively Cooled HD 7850 SC3 Card

PowerColor is rolling out an HD 7850 graphics card, but not just any HD 7850. This one will be passively cooled, thereby featuring no moving parts or producing any fan noise. It will be marketed under the name SC3 HD 7850.

The graphics card features 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, which runs over a 256-bit memory interface at 4.8 GHz, has a core clock speed of 850 MHz, and features DirectX 11.1 compatibility as well as Eyefinity.

The SC3 HD 7850's cooler is made of an array of aluminum fins to which heat is brought through six heat pipes. Furthermore, the graphics card is built using the Gold Power Kit, meaning that it has PowerPAKSO-8's inside as well as Ferrite Core Chokes and solid capacitors.

At the time of writing, there is no word on pricing or availability.

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  • christiangordon
    I am interested in this!
  • zooted
    That's a good amount of horsepower for a passive cooling, nice.
  • Shneiky
    Interesting piece of hardware. I would be really interested in purchasing this for OpenCL acceleration. My only concern is temps at 80/90% load for 10 or more minutes. Sometimes these cards create a heat pocket. I am using Asus passive cards for years and in certain conditions that heat pocket really gets temps sky-high. Should be tested in a case with CPU centered cooling configuration. After all I think this card is a better fit for workstations (lets not start about the old argument what is a workstation and what is not) than for gamers. Better OpenCL computation than nVidia, good multy monitor support and snappy view port in 3D applications. Next to see is temp and price.