QOTD: How Much Did You Spend on Your PC?

We're all computer and hardware enthusiasts. We all love building, tweaking, and upgrading our systems for the most performance.

That said, often times stores and other places still try to rip you off. So it's best to shop around and shop where most of your friends shop so you can have a bit of peace of mind. Online shops also provide speedy service and cheaper prices than local stores. Who shops at local stores these days anyway right?

I remember buying a stick of 32 MB of EDO DRAM way back when, for $300! Those times are gone now. After I moved on to a more powerful system, the 32 MB of EDO was still useful, in my Sound Blaster AWE 32--yep, it took memory modules.

The question of the day is: How much have you spent on your entire PC?

Include things like speakers, etc. What's the most costly part of your computer?

Was it all worth it?

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  • matchboxmatt
    I spent $1200 on my Dell in 2005. Then it exploded.

    I built a new computer for $350 and took the CPU, GPU, and HDDs from the dead Dell and put it in here. It's just been a series of upgrades since.
  • Anonymous
    My latest component upgrades cost $650, but $1700 over the life of the oldest component has been spent, Spent the most on HD4870 then Asus P5Q Mobo and have not looked back
  • pjmelect
    I spend absolutely zero on my PC, my computer is built up from parts I manage to scrounge from various places including out of tips skips etc. My current main system is an Athlon 3000 with 1 gig of RAM and a 120 Gig hard drive and a Ti4200 graphics card. I may not have the fastest system but in only a few years I will manage to scrounge the most powerful computer available today.