QOTD: Do You Buy Online Gold for MMOs?

Gamers have been trading virtual gear for the longest time. Farming is also an everyday part of MMO life.

Gold selling however, really became mainstream when World of Warcraft hit the scene several years ago. Many WoW players feel the grind to big piles of gold simply take too long. Blizzard however, feels that buying gold takes away from the game, ruins it for other players and is generally a security risk.

Blizzard has been trying to put a stop to gold selling for a long time. Unfortunately for it, selling still persists and is still very much a popular way to get quick mountains of gold. Of course, besides gold, you can also buy online accounts and even gear. However, you can always be an honest player and grind your way to gold the normal way.

The question of the day is: Do you--or have you--buy online gold in MMOs like World of Warcraft?

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  • Blessedman
    Guess it was a bad QOTD. I stopped playing WoW like 3 months ago and never once bought gold. I probably could have sold gold though.
  • nirvanabah
    When I played WoW I sold gold to friends... lol
    Would never buy it myself, don't see the point in it
  • powerbaselx
    I don't what means the question but as i write this there are two google ads above related to sites to sell WoW Gold...!
    Maybe tomorrow comes a better and more serious QOTD...