QOTD: Do You Bring Your Laptop to the Toilet?

Marcus: I read today that 30 percent of Britons admit to browsing the mobile web while on the loo. This got me thinking, "how is this unusual when people read newspapers or magazines on the toilet all the time?" Really now, just as how many of us are turning to online sources for our information, why is it so bizarre for people to be using their laptops for reading material while on the toilet?

Jane: That is foul. I can deal with people taking the Kindle to the bathroom. That's essentially a book, and no one is going to be Skyping me from their Kindle while they're on the can. However, there's nothing worse than talking to a friend or colleague only to have them reveal they're "taking care of business" while the two of you are taking care of important business. Taking in a newspaper or magazine is fine, that's just like quiet time and who doesn't like a little quiet time every now and again? But come on, do you really need a virtual support group or someone to hold your hand? I think not. Cut the cord, that's what I say.

Marcus: But isn't that what netbooks are for? Not that I would know, I mean, I don't browse while on the toilet... maybe just write the occasional news story.

Jane: I can admit to rather precariously typing/surfing/shopping from the bath, but aside from that, no I do not browse on/from the toilet.

Alright, now it's your turn. Today's QOTD: Do you bring your laptop to the toilet?

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  • scatrdfew
    How ironic... guess where I'm reading this!
  • Geibys
    scatrdfewHow ironic... guess where I'm reading this!

    I knew i wasn't the only one!
  • Daller
    Nope, I crap in TURBO mode. :D
  • Other Comments
  • copenhagenlc
    Yep, need to prove to myself i can do two things at once.
  • Anonymous
    Yup. And then I go to stand up and realize my legs have gone dead. Fail.
  • thepinkpanther
    i eat alot of indian/mexican food, i would be cruel to my laptop if i brought it wit me!