Samsung Invests Another $4 Billion in Austin Plant

The company said that it will be investing another $4 billion in its Austin location to renovate some facilities and to "accommodate full System LSI production", Digitimes reported.

Samsung is apparently targeting 300 mm wafer mass production for 28 nm devices for the second half of next year, as work on the project started earlier this month. "We are extremely pleased to extend our presence in Austin and reinforce Samsung's capacity for highly advanced logic products," Samsung stated.

"The added ability in production will allow our customers to better respond to market needs," said Woosung Han, president of Samsung Austin Semiconductor. The current construction employes about 2,500 workers.

Samsung currently manufactures A5 processors for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices and the recent announcement indicates that the company is not just upgrading, but also extending its production capacity. Samsung said that it has invested $13 billion in the Austin fab since 1996.


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  • house70
    Investing in local economy is a good thing. Too bad a foreign company has to come here and show the locals how it's done, because the locals are just too busy maximizing their bonuses by outsourcing.
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  • A Bad Day
    Within half a decade, 28mn would be out of date.

    That's the beauty of technological progress.
  • booyaah
    Whats a mn? :)
  • azraa
    booyaah! typo right there 8D