Samsung Files Wireless Power Communication Patent

The document covers a "controller configured to determine whether a mutual resonance occurs between a target resonator and a source resonator; and a modulator configured to modulate data based on whether the mutual resonance occurs." The filing explains a system that includes both a transmitting and receiving component of wireless power.

According to the company, wireless power transmission communication system could find application in areas of cell phones, wireless TV, as well as wireless healthcare devices that are inserted in a body. For example, it "may be used for […] wirelessly transmitting power to a bandage-type device for measuring a heartbeat."

There was no information when this technology could become commercially available. However, we would not be surprised if we saw this technology emerge in a Samsung phone in 2013.


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  • joytech22
    Sounds kinda like RFID technology to me, but maybe it will be different. Who knows.

    If it can send power from a portable handheld device, then go for it because it would be kinda cool
    updating an E-Paper screen or something from your phone with a swipe so you don't have to keep the phone on to display information (for example, updating the e-ink display with a news article or map so you don't drain your phone's battery).
  • jackt
    Are we thinking of electro field pollution ???
  • Bricktop
    I'm a little confused. The technology would allow wireless power AND data transmission between two devices over the same resonant frequency? Simultaneously?

    If that is correct it would be incredible, especially if it offered enough bandwidth to stream music. It would also need to offer a distance greater than the pocket to the ear without much power loss. That would allow wireless earbud headphones that don't look like a brick hanging from your ear. Google Glass could increase its capabilities without much worry of adding more battery weight to the eye-wear. Sounds cool to me... but again, this article is too vague and I'm probably just wishfully dreaming that this is a revolutionary technology.