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Star Wars KOTOR 2 Finally Touches Down on Steam

By - Source: Eurogamer | B 16 comments

KOTOR 2 finally makes its way onto Steam's shelves.

Although the original Knights of the Old Republic had long been a part of Steam's virtual inventory, Obsidian Entertainment's sequel, KOTOR II, has been strangely absent until now.

KOTOR received much critical acclaim when it released and has been hailed as a RPG classic. Its sequel, while still successful, provoked much less fanfare. It was riddled with bugs as a result of its rushed release.

While paying $9.99 isn't ideal for an almost eight-year-old game, KOTOR II has plenty of content available that wasn't quite there at the time of the game's release. The nature of KOTOR II's release did result in some unforeseen good. Much of the content that didn't make it into the actual game was left behind. KOTOR modders of The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod team collaborated to piece together all the unfinished content to make it available for fans.

To buy KOTOR II, head over to its Steam store page located here. If you're interested in seeing the restored content for the game, The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod is available on its moddb page.

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    master_chen , August 28, 2012 4:10 AM
    Yes! YES!!
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    Kami3k , August 28, 2012 4:11 AM
    Meh. I would rather rebuy the first one.
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    thuglife67889 , August 28, 2012 4:29 AM
    will wait for a sale i got the first for $3 on steam
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    alidan , August 28, 2012 5:04 AM
    if im correct the cut content is all in game now through mods... not 100% sure.
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    tomfreak , August 28, 2012 5:06 AM
    I dont know about u, but the first one is good, the second one is a bug fest. First one is still better.
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    idroid , August 28, 2012 5:21 AM
    Was it just me or did anyone else shat their pants when they saw the post's image?
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    killerclick , August 28, 2012 5:25 AM
    So, is KOTOR II on Steam the fixed version or do I have to download the mods as well?
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    mmstick , August 28, 2012 5:43 AM
    WOW, tomshardware is slow. How long has KOTOR 2 been on Steam? A week now? It's not even news worthy for a tech website like this. Counter Strike Global Offensive was a much greater potential article than this.
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    blackjackcf , August 28, 2012 7:17 AM
    killerclickSo, is KOTOR II on Steam the fixed version or do I have to download the mods as well?

    You're still going to have to download the mod. :) 

    - Catherine Cai
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    Jarmo , August 28, 2012 7:55 AM
    So the first one is better yeah.

    The second is still kickass good, and it has better companions, better game mechanics and a deeper more disturbing story. Broken in many ways, but a broken masterpiece at that.
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    Maxor127 , August 28, 2012 8:55 AM
    I thought the second one was better except for how it ended. The story and characters were better, though, from what I remember. I didn't even think much of the ending at the time because horrible cliffhanger endings were so common around that time, and I thought for sure there would be a sequel. Instead, we got an MMO WOW clone. KOTOR2 is probably the best examination of the Jedi and Sith in any of the Star Wars media.
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    blppt , August 28, 2012 12:15 PM
    Best line in the Sith Lords (after killing like 10 people):

    Kreia: "Have you satisfied your bloodlust now?"
    You: "Stop questioning me, or i'll add your body to the pile!"

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    bryonhowley , August 28, 2012 2:42 PM
    PennanenThey could have at least finnish the cut content officially. Pay 10$ for a 100 year old game and they havent bothered to even give it a graphical facelift?

    I could not see them spending money on updating the game and then only selling for $9.99. Besides that the game is great the way it is and there are a lot of mods that add the content back and more. The price is great the way it and so is the game.
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    Nills , August 28, 2012 4:28 PM
    Love this game
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    cybersans , August 30, 2012 12:38 AM
    in my country, KOTOR means DIRTY in english.