New 'Team Fortress 2' Update Brings Players To The Jungle (Updated)

Update, 10/20/2017, 8:14am PDT: The update will launch this weekend, and Valve released the full patch notes on its website.

Original story, 10/17/2017, 10:30am PDT:

A new Team Fortress 2 update is available this week called “Jungle Inferno,” which takes the game’s cast of characters to a new location to participate in the usual modes of Team Fortress combat.

The main attraction in the update is a new Valve-created map called Mercenary Park. In this jungle-based location, you’ll play for control of three points on the map. The accompanying video for the update showed us that the map was initially called Yeti Park. An Australian hunter presided over the area, which used to house multiple Yetis that fought over territory. However, the Yetis were out of control and were eventually killed.

In addition to Mercenary Park, Valve also chose five themed community-created maps to release with the update. Depending on the type of match played, you can check out these new areas for yourself. Just make sure you focus on the objective while checking out the sights.

There are also some new taunts available to use. The company created two, which are available for all classes, but it also released five additional animations created by the community. The player-created taunts, however, are restricted to specific classes such as the Heavy, Engineer, and Pyro.

Team Fortress 2 - Jungle Inferno

These aren’t the only pieces of content coming with the new update. According to the “Jungle Inferno” page, new items are coming over a four-day period. We don’t know what Valve has in store for the next few days, but if past content drops are any indication, we could see more weapon skins and player-created maps in the near future.

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  • quilciri
    I wonder what the record is for the longest developer supported commercial video game...
  • braitBR
    Diablo 2, probably, as it's supported to this day.

    Also, TF2 has been available on Linux for quite a while now. Please update your charts accordingly.
  • pocketdrummer
    I'll be damned, Valve still employs developers...

    I thought they were all accountants by now.