Three UK Giving Free Rides On Harley Davidsons This Week

In a world filled with viral marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements, you have to do something pretty unique to get your brand noticed. Three UK is hoping its latest stunt will fit the bill. The company is offering folks in London free lifts home on Harley Davidson motorcycles for today only. Similar to EE's wired taxi cabs, the motorbikes are equipped with Three MiFi and tablets that will allow passengers to tweet their support for Movember. 


Three UK is an official Movember partner this year and the company is taking its task very seriously. Three announced via blog post yesterday that a special team of LiMo bikers would be around the UK this week to offer free lifts.

"There’ll be loads of Movember themed fun going on in our retail stores, from Movember stickers to members of staff sprouting their own furry upper lips," the company wrote. "During the course of this week, our special LiMo’s will be stopping off in London, Birmingham and Manchester to offer those that pledge their support to the cause a free lift. So keep an eye out, if you’re lucky you might get a free lift with one of our LiMo bikers!"

Now the only question: Why aren't they riding Triumphs instead of Harleys?

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  • hfitch
    Thats because Harley is recognized the world over as thee bike that bikers ride. and I AM FIRST
  • Narcissistic_Martyr
    Triumphs aren't that comfortable for the passengers.
  • xroe
    I'll stick to my Buell Ulysses, people know not to ask for rides from a known death machine.