Tom's Hardware Steam Giveaway: 'Watch Dogs 2'

The first Tom's Hardware Steam giveaway is almost over, so make sure to enter soon! We have three copies of Watch Dogs 2 up for grabs this time. Head to the giveaway thread for your chance to win. One will be awarded via the raffle, and two will be given away to participants who answer the discussion prompt.

Judging from reviews by both users and critics, Watch Dogs 2 is a significant upgrade over the 2014 original. The developers at Ubisoft Montreal listened to the fans on its latest open-world action game. There is an improved stealth system, superior AI, and better parkour and driving for those action adventure bits.

The Tom's Hardware Steam giveaway for Watch Dogs 2 ends this Friday, January 13 at 12pm EST. That means there are only 2 days left to enter. Good luck!

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  • d_kuhn
    It's a modest improvement over the original... fun overall and well worth the time (I got it for $30 bucks... and I'd rate it a good deal at that price). Driving is basically identical to the first (which is to say - not very good), stealth is improved - primarily by the addition of small remote vehicles you can deploy. Parkour is in the game... but a very simplistic version (nothing like Mirrors Edge). Graphics are VERY similar to the first but with a lot of small tweaks that improve the overall look of the game. Story is decent and moderately engaging (better than the first by a bit). The AI has been improved but is still not what I'd call realistic (still easy to set up ambushes that the bad guys will continuously fall into even with a pile of bodies from the last group still lying there). Overall it's good fun but in an arcade/console way (simplified) relative to other open world PC games.
  • 0451
    Free copies of this game are being given out left and right. Pretty sure they come in happy meals now.
  • Kafkar
    When I click on link, I don't see any form or instructions for giveaway. Is it my browser or something off with the giveaway website?