Win 7 Build 7100 Non-fakes Appear on Torrents

Yesterday we reported that build 7100 of Windows 7 is the Release Candidate that’s making its around to Microsoft’s partners for testing. While some may be quick to use that build number as part of the search string to find the disc image on P2P networks, we warned of fake downloads floating around.

It didn’t take long, however, for apparently ‘real’ versions of build 7100 to leak out to various file sharing networks. The build string of the latest leaked version is 7100.0.090421-1700.

The leak is available in both 32- and 64-bit versions, with the former weighing in at 2.36 GB and the latter 3.05 GB.

It’s unconfirmed yet whether or not this is the RC version that Microsoft intends to release to MSDN or TechNet subscribers, or if 7100 will be the eventual version that we’ll see released for the general testing public.

While those of you determined to run the latest build of Windows 7 will surely do so, the safest (and intended) way to test the next Windows is to wait for the go-ahead from Microsoft. If the signs are real, May 5 will be the day Windows 7 RC hits.

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  • mtyermom
    I am anxious to install the RC, but I'm going to wait for the official RC release. Build 7068 has been running just fine for me and I don't want to download now and run the risk of MS updating the RC by the release date.
  • tayb
    I haven't been doing incremental updates. I'll go straight to the RC from 7000 when it is released.
  • krazyderek
    why don't you just post a frigging link, "go sue them here microsoft"