World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector's Edition

With the fanbase that World of Warcraft has, it'd be silly for Blizzard to not release a collector's edition for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. Blizzard is not silly.

This week Blizzard announced plans for a limited-release special Collector's Edition package, which will only be available at retail stores at $79.99 and will include the following exclusive bonus items in addition to the game disc:

-- Art of the Cataclysm art book, featuring 176 pages of never-before-seen images from the archives of the Blizzard Entertainment cinematics department and the World of Warcraft development team, as well as progressive visuals from multiple stages of development.

-- Exclusive in-game pet: he may not be a breaker of worlds just yet, but Lil' Deathwing will still proudly accompany heroes on their struggle to save Azeroth from his much, much larger counterpart.

-- Behind-the-scenes DVD with over an hour of developer interviews and commentaries, as well as a special Warcraft(R) retrospective examining the rich gaming history of the Warcraft universe.

-- Soundtrack featuring 10 epic new tracks from Cataclysm, including exclusive bonus tracks.

-- Special-edition mouse pad depicting Deathwing menacing the ravaged continents of Azeroth.

-- World of Warcraft Trading Card Game cards, including a 60-card starter deck from the Wrathgate series, two extended-art cards, and two Collector's Edition-exclusive hero cards, marking the first appearance of goblin and worgen heroes in the TCG.

This is what the box will look like:

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  • Rancifer7
    There seems to be something wrong with his mouth...
  • Tomtompiper
    A fool and his money are easily parted.
  • andrewcutter
    that 176 page art book is nice. along with the game this is worth 80 dollars i think. If you buy a game , art book, and the deck of cards sep im sure that the cost would be more than 80. at least they are not selling it for 120