Xbox One Ad Invites You to the Next Generation

As the Xbox One's launch date draws closer, Microsoft is ramping up its marketing campaign for the console. The company on Friday released a brand new commercial for the Xbox One that invites viewers to experience the 'new generation.'

The ad features Zachary Quinto as well as soccer player Steve Gerrard and is called 'Xbox One: Invitation." As we saw in Microsoft's Xbox One launch event, Microsoft is really playing up the all-in-one entertainment center aspect of the Xbox One. The commercial shows off the voice commands as well as the Skype integration and the TV and movies from the Xbox dashboard. Check it out for yourself below!

Xbox One Invitation

Announced in May and fully revealed at E3 in June, the Xbox One will cost $499. For that price, customers will get the system, one controller, a chat headset, Kinect, and a free 14-day trial for Xbox Live Gold (for new members only). Additional controllers will have to be purchased separately. Microsoft will also offer a limited-edition commemorative bundle for those who reserve their units ahead of time. This will guarantee you can get the Xbox One on launch day and will feature "premium" black packaging, a limited edition Xbox One Day One, and a commemorative Day One Achievement. There's also bonus content for those who reserve Ryse: Sons of Rome, Forza 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, or Dead Rising 3.

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  • Coperyte
    Ummmmm, the PS4 isn't backward compatible either. The streaming via Gakai doesn't count as u'll still need to buy the games over again. So ur angry at a feature neither console has and that made u wanna switch? Really dumb.
  • Other Comments
  • sean1357
    I have Xbox 360 (4GB flash + 250GB Hard drive) with about 50 games. After I heard the new Xbox One doesn't support the old Xbox 360 games. I was so mad and thinking to switch to Play Station for good. Hardware wise between Xbox One and PS4. The PS4 has 25% more powerful than Xbox One, so I think I know where to go from here....
  • velocityg4
    How does an ad qualify as news? Why not just mention every single ad created by every single tech company in the world?
  • JD88
    Recycling press releases is becoming the norm around here.

    Agree about the PS4 though. The news about Android support is making it look very appealing.