Zotac Launches GTX 780 Ti AMP! Graphics Card

Zotac has launched an AMP! Edition of the GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card which offers "unrivaled smoothness and performance" via a factory overclocked core clock and an imposing tri-fan GPU cooler.

Though Nvidia's reference GTX 780 Ti didn't exactly lack performance, the Zotac AMP! edition features a 15% overclock in core speed, which increases the base clock from 928 MHz to 1006 MHz and the boost clock from 928 MHz to 1072 MHz.

Also included is Zotac's distinctive Triple-Silencer Enhanced cooler, which reportedly offers operating temperatures and noise 10 °C cooler and 15 dbA quieter than Nvidia's reference cooler.

The Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti AMP! is currently available for $669.99 and includes Zotac's premium software bundle and Splinter Cell Complication. The former consists of Nero Kwikmedia, XMBC and the UNIGINE Heaven DirectX 11 Benchmark and the latter offers a voucher for the three most recent releases in the Splinter Cell franchise, Blacklist, Chaos Theory and Conviction.

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  • Niko_boy
    nice price!
  • Dragonzeanse
    In the same day that we receive word that R9 290s are probably going to have custom coolers come end of December or even next year, we see yet another GTX 780 Ti released with custom cooling.

    Thanks AMD.

    Also, Splinter Cell Complication? I've never heard of that game. What is it with these articles so full of typos lately?
  • Nate The Great
    Thank you finally!