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  • Anonymous
    can you really recharge a battery in seconds? A quick look at my elderly thinkpad battery shows it is rated at 3.6AH. To recharge this (assuming a perfectly efficient recharge process) would require a current of 3.6 Amps for one hour. To recharge this in say, 10 seconds, would need a current of 3.6*3600/10 or 1290 Amps.
    Just a thought

  • Tindytim
    a study released this week by NSS Labs indicates that Internet Explorer 8 blocks two to four times as many malicious sites as other browsers on the market today.

    It's almost as if Microsoft's security problems aren't based on how hard they work on security. Hmmmm
  • cheepstuff
    "The result? A full charge in seconds"
    and discharged in a couple more.
  • turboflame
    Did I just see pedobear posted in a THG article?

    I lol'd