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Home Defense, Winchester Model 1300-Style

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Home Defense, Winchester Model 1300-Style

While the Ruger is a purpose-built hunting/skeet gun, Winchester’s Model 1300 Defender is meant to discourage home invasion through a few different means. To begin, it’s a 12-gauge (18.5 mm), chambering a larger round. This particular model is all-black with a barely-legal 18” barrel and Improved Cylinder choke—clearly intended to put out a wide pattern at close range. The Defender’s tubular magazine holds seven shells, plus one in the chamber if you’re carrying it around loaded.

But perhaps its most intimidating spec is its pump-action. They say that if a robber were to break in during the middle of the night, the sound of a pump-action shotgun chambering a round is enough to turn him right around in search of new underwear. Here’s hoping we never have to find out.

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