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Taking It Back To The West

Tom's Hardware's Biggest CPU Shoot-Out, Ever
Taking It Back To The West

This one takes you back into time. Designed in the late 1800s, the .30-30 Winchester cartridge is known as the first designed for smokeless gun powder. Incidentally, it’s still commonly used for deer hunting.

If you click on the image and look at the cartridge itself, you’ll notice its round nose (as opposed to the more pointed noses used in our military rounds). This is because our rifle, the Winchester Model 94—the same one designed by John Browning in 1894, is a lever-action with a tubular magazine. The round nose helps prevent a chambered cartridge from striking the primer in front of it, setting off a nasty chain reaction in the magazine.

Unfortunately, .30-30 runs about $1 per round. And after we went through a box of 20 rounds without hitting anything from 50 yards, we decided that this one probably needed to be sighted-in on a day when the wind wasn’t gusting between 30 and 50 mph. That means no impact shots of this one in action.

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