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New BIOS Virus Withstands HDD Wipes

This Week's Hot News: April Fool's Edition
New BIOS Virus Withstands HDD Wipes

Nothing sucks more than having to do a wipe and reformat because no matter what you do, you can’t seem to purge your system of that one nasty virus. Viruses that target the BIOS aren’t new, but a lot of the time, they’re specific to a type of hardware. Researchers have now demonstrated a new type of attack that could install a rootkit on the BIOS of common systems, making it very lethal and effective. Anibal L. Sacco and Alfredo A. Ortego of Core Security Technologies released a presentation detailing the exploit of this “persistent BIOS infection.” Through the use of a 100-line piece of code written in Python, a rootkit could be flashed into the BIOS and be run completely independent of the operating system. Yowza.

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