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A Peek at Windows 7 Starter's 3 App Cap

This Week's Hot News: April Fool's Edition
A Peek at Windows 7 Starter's 3 App Cap

Windows 7 Starter Edition will be the el cheapo option aimed at low-cost PCs and netbooks, perhaps paving the way for more of the latter products to hit $200. Because it's meant to be the very bottom tier, Microsoft has imposed a 3 application at a time limit. While we're all for offering stripped down basic versions at a low cost we can't see this ever being useful, just annoying. Microsoft details in its help section, “With Windows 7 Starter, you can open up to three programs at the same time. For example, if you start WordPad, Paint, and Calculator, and then you try to open a web browser, you’ll see a message telling you that you already have three programs open.” Click here for screenshots of Windows 7 Starter.

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