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TWKR: “Not For Sale”

AMD's Phenom II X4 TWKR: We Give It The LN2 Treatment
By , Ton Khowdee
TWKR: “Not For Sale”

If you look closely at the TWKR-edition's heatspreader, you'll see AMD Phenom II 42, TWKR Black Edition, Not for Sale. There is no serial number or any other identification marker. This is because the chip is offered “as-is,” and not covered by AMD's product warranty due to the increased heat and expected shorter life they're destined to live. These chips cannot be purchased (currently), and they are given away at AMD's discretion to members of the overclocking community for the purpose of breaking speed records on specialized test benches. If you're part of that community, you'll want to pay particular attention to this piece, as we have a little surprise in store for you.

The fact that these chips are high leakage components actually makes them undesireable as retail processors. Whereas AMD's flagship Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition falls within AMD's specified thermal limits, these TWKR-edition CPUs do not. They draw more power, generate more heat, and run less efficiently than the chips that AMD sells. The hardcore overclocking community isn't really concerned about efficiency or heat, though. Rather, they're looking for sheer performance, which leads to record-setting benchmark results. This is why AMD's TWKR is so attractive for extreme overclockers and not average users, or even overclockers cooling with air.

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