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AMD's Phenom II X4 TWKR: We Give It The LN2 Treatment
By , Ton Khowdee

Since the Phenom II (and by extension, these TWKR CPUs) have no cold bugs, the processors will run at very cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Proper insulation is important if you want to maintain the life of your processors and components. Running at sub-zero temperatures usually results in condensation and frost build-up. To prevent components from shorting out from condensation, a large area around the processor socket is covered with kneadable eraser.

Kneadable eraser has some very good characteristics, making it a common piece of material in many overclockers' toolboxes. First, the material is very pliable. It has a slightly firmer texture than Play-Doh and modeling clay. The composition of the eraser allows the material to be flattened and shaped to fit around any curves and crevices. This helps create an air-tight seal around the motherboard and prevent moisture from building up. In addition, kneadable eraser does not break or crack under extreme conditions. Once the bench session is done, the eraser can be easily removed with no residue on the board, and then rolled into a ball for future applications.

After the board has been insulated, the pot has to follow with a similar treatment. The pot itself is covered with 1/2” foam insulation and wrapped with paper towels. The foam insulation helps the pot maintain its temperature, while the paper towel removes any condensation that forms on the side of the foam. Once the pot and motherboard have been properly insulated, thermal paste is applied and the pot is fastened onto the board for some a very fun benching. 

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