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Ports, Headers, And Buttons

Asus' P7P55D EVO Motherboard: Core i5 Finds A Home
Ports, Headers, And Buttons

In its current trim, the P7P55D Evo boasts eight SATA ports: six 3 Gb/s connectors derived from the P55 PCH and two stemming from Marvell's 6 Gb/s controller. Naturally, the two Marvell-based ports are currently disabled, but the P55's connectors work fine. As with Intel's ICH10R, P55 includes Intel Matrix Storage technology with software support for RAD 0, 1, 5, and 10. According to Intel, a new user interface will accompany this release of Matrix Storage software.

Access to the chipset's remaining USB and FireWire ports comes through headers at the bottom of the board, which you can either attach to front-panel connectors or rear-accessible breakout cables.

Of course, the convenient power and reset buttons we've grown accustomed to are down there, as well (not necessarily in the most convenient place, but for an open-air test bench, they work fine).

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