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A New Socket Latch

Asus' P7P55D EVO Motherboard: Core i5 Finds A Home
A New Socket Latch

If you've built a Core 2- or Core i7-based machine, then you know that the straight, rigid socket latch sometimes feels like it's putting tons of pressure on the CPU as you close it up. While I've never damaged a processor or motherboard with that mechanism, it did seem to secure itself unevenly.

The latch used to secure Asus' P7P55D Evo actually locks the processor into place from the back. The front of the socket closes by sliding under the stationary post vaguely recognizable in the picture above (and more clearly identifiable on the next page). Then as you drop the latch into the locking mechanism, the notched rear end of the lever rotates, nudging the top lid down, firmly seating the CPU.

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