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Connectivity For Days

Asus' P7P55D EVO Motherboard: Core i5 Finds A Home
Connectivity For Days

The P7P55D Evo's I/O panel reflects much of the connectivity enabled by Intel's P55 PCH and Asus' integrated extras.

PS/2 mouse/keyboard ports are standard fare, especially on mid-range platforms. Eight USB 2.0 ports reflect more than half of the P55 chipset's 14 total connectors (six are available via onboard headers, and there's no chipset-based USB 3.0 support quite yet). Coaxial and optical audio outputs are enabled through VIA's VT1828 eight-channel codec, along with a sextet of 1/8" mini-jack analog audio connectors. Dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity is facilitated through Realtek's 8112L and 8110SC controllers, one a PCI Express component and the other, strangely, PCI-based. VIA's 6308P offers two FireWire 400 ports, one of which you see on the rear I/O panel and the other made available through an onboard header. The little button you see between the PS/2 and USB ports clears the BIOS--another common addition nowadays. 

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