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24-Phase Power

Gigabyte's Core i5 Contenders: P55-UD4P And P55-UD6
24-Phase Power

Meet Gigabyte's first 24-phase VRM, which may or may not be overkill in a mainstream environment like this one. Nevertheless, in the struggle to differentiate motherboards with more and more integration, we're at least happy to see Gigabyte pressing forward. Carried over from its past Ultra Durable 3 efforts are solid caps, low RDS(on) MOSFETs, and ferrite core chokes. Interestingly, the only way to fit 24 chokes on the UD6 was to use smaller components versus what the Gigabyte and Asus 12-phase solutions employ.

Of course, the benefit, according to Gigabyte, is that power dissipated as heat is spread across 24 phases, reducing temperature. This will be an interesting claim to test once the company's board layout/heatsink configuration is finalized and we're able to compare the high-end 24-phase implementation to the 12-phase design.

Again, as with UD3-based boards past, the P55-UD6 employs "power phase switching," depending on CPU load, and can throttle down as low as four phases at idle.

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